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Every Vision tells a story.SM

Vision for PMP offers doctors a better way to see patients’ prescription drug history.

Powerful Insight into your Patient’s Prescription Drug History.

Cellarian Health’s product, Vision, provides information and advanced at-a-glance tools and metrics to help healthcare providers make the right decision, every time. There is more than just patient health riding on each prescription. Providers need protection too.

Prescription Drug Abuse and Diversion Puts Your Practice at Increased Risk

Healthcare providers need access to clear tools that will give objective information about a client’s prescription drug history, Vision is the access. Each state provides a PMP, but the results are cumbersome to use and do not assist with clinical decision making. In the 24 states that mandate checking a PMP, providers are crippled with the additional workload.  Vision can make every decision more clear.

Cellarian Health Solves Provider Risk Issues.

Cellarian Health’s Vision makes your job easier, saves you time, money, and reduces risk.

Vision aggregates and analyzes PMP data for specific behaviors that indicate possible abuse or diversion of prescription drugs. The analyzed information is presented in a single, easy to use, dashboard. By reformatting and seamlessly integrating PMP data into the healthcare provider’s workflow, the intuitive interface enables the prescriber or dispenser to rapidly assess risk and formulate useful clinical decisions in real-time, where it matters.

Save Money & Lives with Vision

Cellarian Health helps mitigate risk and maintain compliance, while delivering better patient care and an increased bottom line. Caring for clients takes time and providers shouldn’t have to wade through dozens of pages of raw data. Cellarian provides a valuable tool to analyze data and provide sound recommendations, with actionable suggestions for excellent patient care. For providers, time is money and it’s a shame to waste either one.

Actionable information
at the Point of Care
— where it is needed most!

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“Technology must be user-centered and support physicians, not distract them.”
Andy Slavitt, acting Director of CMS